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Mighty Warriors

Take control of three powerful heroes in a combat-ravaged fantasy world as you fight to restore your honor and reunite the horde. You’ll need to draw upon each character’s unique abilities to conquer the challenges ahead.

Enter the Arena

Battle for supremacy against the armies of rival clans. Only one orc is fit to rule the horde – and to the victor go the spoils!

A Colossal Threat

Conquer the greatest clan leaders in the land and add their power to your ranks. Or, join your might with other champions to take down formidable raid bosses in multiplayer co-op action.
Karzul, the Shaman


Cunning and calculating, this dark magician desires nothing more than to reunite the broken horde under his command. Karzul twists the spirits of the earth to raise the fallen, joining them to his cause. Magic is power – and a true orc knows that power is everything.
Karzul, the Shaman


Hrozg strongest orc. Challenge toughest foes. Sometimes too tough. Big trouble. Big hurt. But Karzul bring him back. Now Hrozg fight for the horde again. Kill for the horde. And sometimes just for fun.
Karzul, the Shaman


Pull, aim, shoot. Hainar keeps his friends close, but as for his enemies… a little distance suits him just fine. The most valuable warrior is the one who lives to fight another day. That’s his stance, anyway.


The path to dominance is a harrowing one. Here are just some of the foes that await…

Goblin Chieftain

this fearsome tribal leader inspires his allies with powerful chants, bringing out their true strength.

Armored Goblin

This foe is a tough nut to crack, thanks to his mighty spiked shield. Maybe a strong enough warrior could smash it?

Shadow Goblin

The deadliest enemies are the ones you’ll never see coming. Watch your back…


Join Da Horde!

This battle is just beginning. Stay connected and witness the horde’s true might!

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